5 reasons why ExactTarget is leading the way for digital marketing

5 reasons why ExactTarget is leading the way for digital marketing

ExactTarget, is recognised as the world’s most powerful digital marketing platform. The intelligence behind ExactTarget is why we, at Blue Star Direct, made them our preferred email and SMS platform partner. And we’re in good company with worldwide brands such as Microsoft and Expedia using ExactTarget for their digital marketing. In Australia, brands as recognisable as EnergyAustralia and NAB are jumping on the ExactTarget bandwagon to revolutionise their digital marketing.

Here are 5 reasons why ExactTarget is leading the way for some of the world’s smartest brands.

Build a single view of your customers

The platform allows you to build a holistic view of your customers, making it easier than ever to turn data into personalised customer conversations. The level of personalisation that can be achieved drives meaningful engagement between a brand and their customers (or potential customers).

Automate real-time customer journeys

Users are able to trigger timely messages across online and offline channels based on real-time customer behaviour. Think, sending an email or an SMS to a customer as they pass by a branch or store and driving them in store there and then. It’s powerful stuff.

Connect with personalised content on any device

Whether it’s email, mobile, social, ads, web or content, the ExactTarget platform allows you to deliver personalised content across all channels. This allows your message to be highly visible, in the way that traditional mass marketing does. However, in contradiction to the one size fits all approach of mass marketing, you’ll deliver highly personalised messaging across the media that your customers interact with every day.

Make the most of your data

The platform enables users to quickly and easily create reports with customised parameters and results that can be viewed in real-time. You’re able to create your audience by filtering and segmenting based on any criteria using customer data from multiple sources. This allows brands to target messaging with greater precision than ever before.

Build on the most trusted platforms

ExactTarget allows clients to build upon, extend and integrate across existing marketing automation platforms that they may already use. Clients can also find and use apps (think of ANY app and it either already exists within the ecosystem of ExactTarget’s technology partners or they can build it for you) and connect these to all devices and data with one platform.

It really is an exciting time for brands and marketers when we have these smarts available to us. If your digital platform is not providing these features, then your brand will be left behind when it comes to intelligent digital marketing and serving the needs of hyper-connected customers. My advice (for what it’s worth!) is don’t let your competitors get the edge in the digital marketing space. You’ll regret it down the track!

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