Direct Mail: 10 Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love

SEMA Operations - 10 Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love

Direct Mail: 10 Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love

SEMA Operations - 10 Promotional Items Your Customers Will Love

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, direct mail still has a place in today’s market. Finding new and interesting ways to engage your audience is the key to it’s success. Many companies no longer use direct mail as a marketing strategy, so there’s a real opportunity to capitalise. Consider mixing it up with some of these promotional ideas in your next direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Calendars

Offering a gift that can be used immediately makes for a great promotional item. Calendars are useful to everyone, at home and in the office, and all year round. People appreciate receiving calendars as it means they don’t have to go out and pay for one themselves, and they work well as promotional items as printing your company’s logo, website and branding colours on them can help get your company’s name out there.

2. Pens

Similar to calendars, pens are always useful to people, so why not include a few pens in your direct mail with your company’s logo, phone number, and URL on them. Your customers will be thankful for something they can use and will have your company at their forefront of their mind every time they use it.


3. Product samples

Why not go one step further and give your mail recipients an actual product? If you’re in the business or selling perfumes, this could be a small bottle of your latest fragrance. A sample of your product is the easiest way to give potential customers a taste of what you do and makes the direct mail more valuable to the consumer when they find it in the mail.

4. Tailored content

A good investment you can make into your direct mail marketing strategy is to learn about your customers and communicate with them accordingly. Gathering the purchasing information and shopping preferences of your customers allows you to personalise the promotional material you send to them, keeping them satisfied and coming back to your business.

5. Use stamps

It’s obvious to a customer when a letter has been mass-mailed, so try making the letter envelope appear as though it came from a person, rather than a machine, so that it’s more likely to get opened. Using stamps and font that resembles handwriting, rather than typed text is a good way to achieve this.

6. Microfibre products

Microfibre cleaning cloths are another valuable gift to consumers. Everybody cleans and microfibre cleaning cloths are particularly great for wiping down electronic devices, glass surfaces and sunglasses, so why not add your company’s logo to some microfibre cleaning cloths and distribute them to your customers.

7. Seasonal items

When mailing promotional gifts, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re of immediate use to the person receiving it. For example, at Christmas time you can send fridge magnets that feature a Christmas theme, or Easter themed stickers in the lead up to Good Friday.

8. USB

Don’t be turned off by the cost, USB flash drives are surprisingly inexpensive and will really impress your customers. Print your company’s branding on the side and even include a short video or document featuring information about your business within the USB for your customer to see when they plug it in. Better still, if your customer passes the USB onto another person as a gift, even more people will be exposed to your marketing message.

9. Food

A unique idea is to send a food item as your promotional material. Make sure it’s not a perishable item and isn’t too fragile, such as cookies or a jar or jam, wrapped and labelled with your brand and the ingredients used.

10. Mouse pad

A great promotional item, especially for tech companies and designers, is a mouse pad. You’ll be at the forefront of your clients minds whenever they’re at the computer. It is a great idea if you are targeting corporations and businesses.

Make sure your envelopes get opened

Your promotional gifts are no good if your letter never gets opened. If you’re putting money into distributing promotional gifts, you want to make sure the receiver knows there’s something exciting inside. Make sure the envelopes feel bulky and use clear statements on the front of the letter like “gift inside” to make opening the letter irresistible to your customers.

It’s also important to avoid including gifts that are sharp and could poke holes through the envelope, and consider the sizing and weight restrictions postal and courier services put on packages to ensure you are complicit.

Creativity pays off

Putting a bit of creativity and capital into direct mail marketing can really pay off. Digital marketing is important, but so too is building personal and trustworthy relationships with potential customers. Find out what your customers are interested in, and put together gifts perfect for them. They’ll always remember your brand as generous and receptive to their wants, and will help spread the message of your company with friends and family.

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