Simplify Your Email Marketing with ExactTarget

Simplify Your Email Marketing with ExactTarget

Acquired by Salesforce in 2013, the new and improved version of ExactTarget is ideal for those of you looking for an automated way to implement an email marketing campaign. Now known as the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, it aims to offer a complete marketing interface for all kinds of businesses, enabling you to connect to your customers with personalised content via any channel or device.

Updated and improved to enable easier use

Suitable for email, social, web and mobile use, ExactTarget now boasts a new and much improved user interface, making planning and implementing an email campaign easier than ever. They’ve also included a new campaign builder, Journey Builder, which allows you to plan and customise your email communications in an easy-to-use workflow editor. You’ll find that its drag-and-drop content tools simplify the process of creating the kind of emails which will capture the attention of your customer.
For newcomers to automated mailing, the ‘step by step playbooks’ offer easy to follow instructions, leading you through the process and giving you access to pre-defined email marketing campaigns, such as a 3-step welcome series. This enables you to automate a series of relevant messages for your customers, while ensuring that best practice is followed at all times. Furthermore, ExactTarget allows you to add filters to your subscriber base so that, based on the customer data you have provided, your customers will only ever receive email messages that are targeted directly at them.

Some features of ExactTarget

In today’s world of nonstop communication, ExactTarget’s powerful email platform gives you the ability to send emails with speed and precision, thus giving you the opportunity to build meaningful and time-sensitive communications with your customers. Plus, as all the sending happens via a single tab, the workflow is easy to understand, and the new email interface (as detailed below) has also contributed to an enhanced user experience.
  • Email Overview page – This is the workspace that you see when you first access email from the application menu. Containing easy access links to your most recently used data, the overview page also shows a selection of user modules.
  • Drag and drop segmentation – Located under the ‘subscriber’ tab, this offers a simple way for segmenting subscribers to send targeted and relevant messages to their customers.
  • Reports – Specially designed to give you easy access to all your campaign performance data, including both real-time tracking and the presentation of results in graphical form, thus allowing you to track and optimise your email campaigns. Added features include easy optimisation of all campaigns, using both built in A/B testing capabilities and email deliverability tools, allowing you to use the right approach to drive meaningful results for your business. The latest version also offers a report entitled ‘Single email performance by device’ which allows you to see metrics such as total opens, unique opens and total clicks by device.
  • Portfolio – This is a single entry point which allows you to manage all the image, document and media files referred to in the email. You’ll also find a selection of image editing tools to enable you to make changes to images which are uploaded into Portfolio.
  • Approvals – Maintaining consistent branding during email communications is taken care of here, with the approvals functionality giving users the ability to maintain control and consistency across all email communications and branding on a company wide basis. Once you have implemented the ‘Approvals’ process, you can be sure that anyone using this can only send the correct and final version of the email message. This not only ensures that your campaign will meet the desired compliance requirements, but that you’ll improve the quality of your delivery statistics too.
  • Automation Studio – Added to enhance the Automated Interaction Management (AIM), the Automation Studio enables users to carry out marketing automations for the real time web from its simplified dashboard. Here you’ll find all automations (draft, running, paused or testing phase) which can be accessed from a straightforward drag and drop multi-shop workflow canvas.
As you can see,ExactTarget offers a great range of tools to enable you to execute relevant and targeted email campaigns, and it’s certainly worth investigating further to assess whether it’s a suitable match for your business and marketing strategy.

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