Using Data to Personalise Your Marketing Campaigns

Using Data to Personalise Your Marketing Campaigns


Conventional wisdom suggests digital analytics are the opposite of personal. However, within the constantly growing streams of big data, it’s possible for marketers and businesses to discover insights to drive highly personal campaigns and customer journeys, meeting the demands of the growing desire for individual experience among consumers.

The value of a custom made suit

While off the rack is the choice du jour for mass-market appeal, custom tailoring has always offered great rates of conversion. As data integrates more and more into our customer journeys, the potential to leverage analytics into personalised offerings can help communicate quality and care in markets where the demand for individual experience is increasing.

The power of data in creating personalised journeys is the ability to do it at scale, with high levels of business automation and effective ROI.

Starting small with SMS

A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Forbes, ’Leading with customer focused content’, identified that over 80% of the top third of businesses that utilised personal marketing had implemented content into their SMS campaigns. Examples ranged from simply using the customer’s name in a text, sending birthday wishes, to offering custom offerings based on previous purchasing behaviour. SMS marketing offers high opening rates and an immediate gateway into personalised customer experience.

As a uniquely mobile experience, SMS also demonstrates the more tailored, individual CX available through mobile platforms. Smartphones are highly personalised objects that aren’t shared like computers and laptops. We see smartphones as extensions of our lives, gateways into photos, videos and social media.

But with high personalisation comes greater awareness of privacy. Businesses looking to engage with customers on a more tailored journey will leverage data analytics to ensure they are delivering effective personal messages, rather than invasive communication blasts that annoy the mobile savvy customer.

The personalised customer journey starts now

The same report found that an incredible 63% of businesses surveyed didn’t rank personalisation as critical to their marketing success. If your business is in that group, the time might be right to start looking at which channels you can start to personalise in the quest for a better user experience.

Evergage is leading the charge

Evergage’s Data Hub is a platform positioning itself as the personalised marketing product to centralise siloed marketing and consumer info in a big data world.

Aggregating marketing data from disparate sources like email databases, CRMs, networks and POS, Data Hub helps define the personalised user experience through big data collection. Clever use of APIs and 25 out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Marketo and Eloqua (Oracle) make Data Hub worth considering for businesses that want to integrate their data sources into more cohesive user profiles and customer experiences.

Winning methods for personalised marketing campaigns

Personal campaigns help audiences envision their lives with your product or service. “Every step of the conversion funnel should prepare your customers to do business with your organization, and to feel as if the product or ad was exactly what they were looking for — or custom tailored for them "says Jeff Shjarback, an Internet marketing consultant based out of Charlotte, North Carolina

Automation is also important in personal marketing campaigns. The tailored journey creates a personal touch, but if it doesn’t work at scale, businesses lose ROI. One way to achieve this is to link social media identities to CRM databases. As many businesses are finding, credit card information isn’t a great indicator of purchase intent. Social profiles don’t just help with building better demographic profiles, but can also provide personalised insights based on following, liking and participating. Sell swimwear? Find out who’s liking holidays to Bali and Noosa this summer. Chances are, they’ll be in need of a new outfit.

Are you ready?

What are your clients saying about your service? Are you at the forefront of targeted marketing campaigns? Do your customers feel valued and individualised? We hope you’ve gained some critical insights out of this article. As always, we encourage you to talk to Blue Star Direct today for any further advice on how to engage your clients with relevant, important and intended messaging.

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