Why Mobile is an Amazing Opportunity for Direct Marketers

Why Mobile is an Amazing Opportunity for Direct Marketers

Mobile devices are here to stay and mobile usage is growing exponentially. Studies have shown that 91% of mobile users keep their phone within arm’s reach 24/7. No other channel has this much access to consumers. This makes mobile marketing the new frontier, and direct marketers can either choose to embrace it or be left behind.

Mobile stats

According to Entrepreneur Magazine:

          • Mobile searches are predicted to overtake desktop searches in 2015
          • 40% of mobile searches are about local information
          • 90% of mobile searches lead to action and more than 50% result in a conversion
          • 81% of conversions from mobile searches occur within 5 hours of the search – compared with a lead time of about one month for online search
  • Conversion rates are 10 – 15 times greater on a mobile phone than on a landing page

Part of the reason for mobile marketing’s success is that it is easily measurable. Marketers can accrue a lot of useful information about their target audience in order to further refine their marketing campaigns. Mobile data tells you more than where a user lives. It tells you where they actually ‘are’ at any given time. This immediacy is a huge advantage and allows marketers to advertise locally to consumers and influence them directly, almost at the point of sale.Other useful mobile data apart from geo-location information includes call records, SMS data, operating system information and the like. All of this can be used to build a more accurate profile of the target audience in order to advertise to them more effectively.

An opportunity not a problem

With so many heralding mobile marketing as the future of direct marketing, it’s not surprising that some direct marketers are feeling a little intimidated by this new medium threatening their traditional area of expertise.But the truth is, mobile marketing is an opportunity for direct marketers rather than a problem. It is based on all the same tried and true principles as all direct marketing.

  • It is aimed at eliciting an immediate response
  • It is focused on reaching the correct target audience
  • It measures the results in order to improve its effectiveness.

Rather than being feared, mobile marketing should be embraced and integrated with other forms of direct marketing to further increase the direct marketer’s arsenal. While more traditional channels can still be very effective, best results are often achieved when mobile is intelligently integrated within a multi-channel campaign. There are several ways that mobile messaging can be used by marketers, including:

  • Providing customers with digital vouchers featuring exclusive, targeted offers
  • Providing digital barcodes to allow access to an event
  • Motivating sales or driving traffic to a store
  • As a customer service tool to confirm bookings and sales, or even thank a customer for their recent call

Any behaviour that the customer exhibits as a result of this marketing can be tracked so that you can revise your marketing activity and improve future results. Getting the most out of mobile marketing

There are several ways in which mobile marketing can be refined to produce even better results for an advertiser. These include:

  • Using location data – retailers who know when customers are in the vicinity of their stores can offer specials and incentives via social media or SMS messages to entice them through their doors
  • Creating urgency – mobile ads that use phrases such as ‘Call now!’ have conversion rates almost 10% higher than those that don’t
  • Advertising at the right times – during the hours of 8pm to midnight, the number of mobile searches increases and on public holidays it doubles, so advertising during these times will allow you to reach more of your audience
  • Being ready – it is no use encouraging mobile users to come into your store or call you right now if you aren’t ready for them right now. Making sure you have the staff and resources to back up your offers and incentives is important for achieving the maximum number of conversions from mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is an amazing opportunity for direct marketers. Never before have they had a tool that promises to increase engagement, conversion and trackable metrics to such an extent as this. And rather than being alarmed by the rapid rise of mobile marketing, we should be embracing it and looking at ways to make it work even harder for us than it already does now.

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