Why use mobile coupons?

Why use mobile coupons?

shutterstock_89533552 In our last blog we talked about the Top 5 ways to get SMS working for your brand. This week, we further explore using SMS as a gateway channel. Put simply, this means including links within SMS’s, enabling recipients to click through to landing pages, passes, mobile vouchers and more. The possibilities are endless, anything you can do in the digital world, you can provide a link to via SMS.

Let’s focus on mobile coupons. Mobile cloud wallet solutions such as PassKit, serve the increasing consumer desire to go paperless. The days of wallets and purses crammed with tickets, receipts, dockets and cards will soon be behind us as we shift to carrying all of these things digitally via our smartphones.

Not only is this hugely convenient but it provides a great opportunity for marketers.  PassKit enables brands to engage their audience via any mobile device, providing them with mobile vouchers and passes that can all be stored conveniently in a digital wallet.

The use of SMS to distribute digital vouchers allows marketers to communicate in real-time and have consumers engaging with their message on the go. Unlike eDM and DM, mobile engagement is almost instantaneous. Mobile coupon distribution can be intelligently scheduled to increase responses. For example, a CBD café could distribute a voucher for a discounted lunch at 12pm, exactly when recipients are about to head out to lunch. So they’re hitting consumers at exactly the right time.

A mobile coupon or offer is delivered literally into the palm of the consumer’s hand, on the go, it’s ready to use there and then. Location aware SMS marketing programs leveraging GPS and iBeacon are already in use in the US. It won’t be long before Australian marketers are able to utilise these smarts to really revolutionise SMS marketing and serve up time and location aware messaging. For example, retailers can send coupons to consumers as they are approaching their store, just as a limited time sale is about to commence. This is smart, engaging messaging that cuts through the noise of competitors’ marketing activity.

The opportunities that are presented for customer loyalty programs are even more innovative. Check out next week’s blog for more!

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