City Council – Inbound Solution

City Council – Inbound Solution


Our Council partner distribute a Bi-annual ‘Occupancy and Rental Questionnaire’ to over 1,000 commercial and industrial business owners and occupants as part of its General Revaluation process. The questionnaire is returned to the council in order to gather census information to better improve its rating valuations so that they reflect current levels

When this process is executed manually it draws on significant council resource and human error can contribute to overall inaccuracy.


The challenge for Blue Star DIRECT was to automate and digitise this process, reducing the head hours required.


Blue Star DIRECT re-designed the questionnaire into a format compatible for scanning. The design was a complete overhaul, making it more user-friendly and allowing for the digital collection of the data in completed questionnaires. The mailing was printed on Blue Star DIRECT’s High Speed Continuous Colour printer which allowed full colour variability. This data was then easily transferable to the Council’s database.


  • 1100 questionnaires were dispatched
  • Achieved a 31% response rate
  • Achieved over 99% accuracy rate in return data
  • Data was made available for download and supplied back to Council for ingestion into their software
  • Significant process improvement and cost efficiencies achieved by removing the requirement for manual data entry

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