Education Sector – Secure Print and Distribution

Education Sector – Secure Print and Distribution


For the past 14 years Blue Star DIRECT has managed the printing and distribution of examination results for a major education authority. Our client is a statutory authority primarily responsible for the curriculum, standards and assessment of compulsory and post-compulsory education.

Like most educational sectors, our client is responsible for the reporting of results for students undertaking examinations. The results are printed and distributed in December each year and the printing is of a secure nature with the various base stocks having built in security features to ensure copies are not being reproduced.

The distribution of these Results are in lots, some going directly to educational institutions as well as International schools via Australia Post e-Parcel service with student results mailed via Australia Post priority mail.

The Challenge

Security is paramount for our clients and so the end to end process, from data receipt to distribution needs to be entirely secure and delivered within a strict non-negotiable timetable. Along with this, all work environments including staff must adhere to and sign statutory declarations and staff with friends or relative undertaking examinations are prohibited to work on the project.

The Solution

Blue Star DIRECT tightly manage this assignment by appointing a dedicated Project Manager who ensures our clients goods are 100% secure and is undertaken in-house in a stand-alone environment with only authorised staff having access to each project.

The Results:

For almost 15 years, Blue Star DIRECT has seamlessly and securely managed the printing and delivery of over 7.5 million statements and all being lodged within 24 hours of receiving final examination data.

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