Major Australian Bank – Digital Platform Project

Major Australian Bank – Digital Platform Project


Blue Star DIRECT has worked with this major Australian bank for over a decade, delivering its marketing communications. Over the years, as technology has progressed, there has been a transition from traditional physical printed direct mail, to electronic direct mail (eDM).  Our client needed to drive efficiencies across the entire group around this transition and came to Blue Star DIRECT for help.


The development of multiple digital communications systems across business units in the group, has resulted in:

  • ambiguities in customer communication material
  • customer data sitting in isolated locations (creating a high risk to data integrity)
  • multiple fees across disparate platforms
  • an inability to aggregate volumes resulting in higher costs.

Blue Star DIRECT needed to address these challenges head on with a best in market digital platform solution.


We delivered a digital marketing solution, incorporating integrated email, SMS and intelligent print and introduced a single ‘pane of glass’ platform that eliminated multiple vendor contracts and significantly reduced risk to data integrity.

We focused on meeting our customers current and future needs by ensuring that the data we collected on customer behaviour was channelled back to our customers, using the secure data feed infrastructure established between the client and Blue Star DIRECT.


As a result of moving multiple business units onto this single platform strategy, Blue Star DIRECT has:

  • significantly improved the customisation and automation of customer communications
  • generated cost savings by switching off unnecessary digital platforms and aggregating email and SMS volumes
  • improved functionality for the teams who manage digital customer communications across the multiple brands.

Across Australia, all brands within this major banks group can now communicate with any customer via their channel of choice and are able to use the data they have about their customers to establish insightful communication tactics and deliver an enhanced, relevant customer experience.

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