Top ASX Company – Customer Engagement Program

Top ASX Company – Customer Engagement Program


Blue Star Direct have worked with this company for more than 20 years, producing all their essential mail communications, member superannuation reports and direct marketing. We have transitioned their print communications from black and white to High Speed Continuous Colour production and aggregated multiple campaigns to reduce print, insertion and postage costs.

Our Latest Challenge

Most recently, we have worked with them to assist their migration to multichannel communications to increase customer engagement and redefine the customer journey.

 The Solution

Blue Star Direct worked with this major financial services company to understand the campaign objectives, the data systems and sources, the reporting requirements and the delivery timetables.


  • Collaborated with our client’s creative agency to better utilise customer data and help produce highly personalised and relevant Direct Marketing pieces with dynamic content.
  • Automated and triggered the Customer Journey which moved customers through different channels based on the analysis of customer behaviours.
  • Ran pilot campaigns, enabled A/B testing by channel and creative messaging to determine the most effective mix.

Working from a single set of customer data allowed Blue Star Direct to easily send personalised communications to the customer’s channel of choice. Blue Star Direct’s expertise in the Sales Force Marketing Cloud (the digital platform used by our client) meant we were able to execute electronic campaigns via their account.

Blue Star Direct were able to supply reports back with response rates, customer behaviour analysis and interaction activity.  Unique codes were appended to customer records by Blue Star Direct to improve reporting and data management when results were ingested back into our clients CRM.


  • Customer satisfaction measures improved
  • Customer response rates increased, as much as three times for some campaigns
  • The customer journey is intuitive, automated and delivered via the customer’s channel of choice.

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