Business Intelligence

Our clients rely on us to supply the meaningful data that they can’t get from their own systems.

Getting the right return.

Our clients rely on us to supply the meaningful data that they can’t get from their own systems.

Accurate, relevant and timely, our business intelligence reports include information such as total spend, spend by product type and division, volume, environmental impact, inventory, warehousing and distribution information. This gives our clients the insights they need to measure their return on investment. Each report is accessible at any time via a secure online login. All reports are directly integrated into our clients’ internal systems.

Our continuous improvement program uses these reports to pro-actively provide our clients with solutions that reduce the total cost to deliver their marketing requirements.

Business Intelligence Reports

Through the business intelligence reports we produce, our experts provide our clients with much-needed information to help them measure their return on investment on each of their creative campaigns.

As part of our end-to-end campaign delivery, our Integrated Marketing specialists ensure our clients receive timely, relevant, and accurate reports. The information provided in these reports helps our clients keep track of their campaigns, and ensure they receive complete transparency throughout the process.

Information covered in these reports include:

By making sure these reports are directly integrated into our clients’ internal systems, we provide our clients with full visibility over the spend and impact of their campaign.

Additionally, our Integrated Marketing specialists are able to use these reports as part of our continuous improvement program. This enables us to identify opportunities and offer solutions throughout the campaign process that could help decrease the total cost to deliver on our clients’ marketing requirements.

Our Integrated Marketing Solution

Founded in 1921, we are Australia’s leading holistic marketing company. With an unmatched breadth and depth of offering, we guide our clients from idea to execution. Marketing is fragmented and complex, especially for larger brands with multi-faceted requirements.

Our Integrated Marketing offering helps solve this. Designed for clients who want to have all their marketing requirements managed and simplified, our offering brings together our holistic spectrum of services into a single, seamless solution.

By vertically integrating our creative, data-driven, production and distribution capabilities into one streamlined offering, we give our clients a distinct advantage: fewer handovers and greater control, accuracy, accountability, flexibility, cost efficiencies and speed to market.

With experts in resource management, procurement, and supply chain management, we support our clients with customised teams embedded either on-site or near-site. These teams complement our integrated marketing offering by also providing us access to our broader accredited domestic and Asia Pacific supply chain.

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