A Safer You, a Safer World

Are you prepared for a safe return to the workplace? Now is the time to adapt and “ivolve”.

Protect your people, your brand and your customers. As your teams return to the workplace, organisations need to ensure that their health, hygiene and safety is a priority.

Our ivolve hygiene and PPE offering has been designed to help your people transition back to the workplace easily and safely so they can operate at full capacity again. The ivolve range of TGA approved PPE products, and our hygiene and cleaning solutions, have been carefully selected with your health and protection requirements in mind.

Our Health and Hygiene Specialist is available to provide expert recommendations on the best sustainable solutions for your business, making it easier for you to implement required COVID-19 response plans in the workplace.

We can customise ivolve products with your branding – reinforcing a responsible, proactive and caring image in market and to your people.

We’ve sourced the highest quality products from within the Asia-Pacific region as well as from local suppliers in Australia, keeping all stock on hand in our Australian distribution centres. Coupled with a national logistics capability, you can be assured of prompt delivery of products whenever you need them and superior customer service.

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Our Health and Hygiene Specialist is available to help your business develop a strategy in line with new COVID-19 response requirements. We can help you identify hotspots within your premises to prevent infection and contamination, and help you better protect your employees and customers.

We can provide advice on specific hygiene and safety solutions that are most relevant to your business and best suited to your needs, bringing you, your employees and your customers peace of mind.

To book a consultation with our hygiene specialist please
email ivolvenow@dev.bluestardirect.com.au


From hand sanitisers to anti-bacterial wipes, soap dispensers and more, out hygiene range has been selected with your safety top of mind


Our personal protective equipment is specifically designed to keep you, and everyone around you, safe. Do the right thing and stop the spread.


Our comprehensive cleaning range will assist any business with getting their people back into the office safely and securely.

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