Blue Star Direct Complete Federal Election Project

Blue Star Direct Complete Federal Election Project

certified-list_0 Ahead of schedule, Blue Star Direct have completed the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) Federal Election project. As part of our contract with the AEC, we managed a portion of the printing of electoral lists as well as the scanning and verification of all electoral lists nationally.

The project involved a robust, 12 month planning phase to ensure the smooth delivery of our commitments. Blue Star Direct personnel across all three of our sites were heavily involved in the project which culminated in the opening of a Blue Star Direct pop-up office in Adelaide during September. All three Blue Star Direct sites operated 24/7 for the 21 days post the election as we worked to receive and handle 32,355 electoral lists. We processed 14,570,542 images and nationally we worked over 7200 production hours.

This election saw us introduce a new solution for the AEC with our ability to ingest electronic electoral lists. The AEC ran this solution on a trial basis, as they look to explore further digital technologies for future elections. We’ve had positive feedback from the AEC on this trial element and the project overall.

The AEC Commissioner Ed Killesteyn says of working with Blue Star Direct: ‘The AEC relies on this important partnership to be able to gain election-related information in a timely fashion’.

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