Blue Star DIRECT is not affected by WannaCry

Blue Star DIRECT is not affected by WannaCry


As you may be aware, IT systems using certain Microsoft products were subject to a cyber-attack by the “WannaCry” ransomware family in the past few days.

Microsoft have found two scenarios that they believe make it highly possible for an IT system to be impacted:

  1. Arrival through social engineering emails designed to trick users to run the malware and activate the worm-spreading functionality of the virus
  2. Infection through Microsoft’s file and file sharing protocols allowing an unpatched computer to be addressed by other infected machines


  • Blue Star Direct is not currently affected by the WannaCry malware.
  • Blue Star Direct’s ICT team have applied the patches published by Microsoft as per the recommended site:
  • In addition, Blue Star Direct has ensured our Anti-Virus and Intrusion Protection Systems as well as our web filtering engines are properly functioning to prevent the malware from being downloaded.
  • Importantly, we have reinforced to all staff our existing security protocols and the need for constant vigilance to ensure our cyber security.

If you have any concerns or require further information please contact your account manager who will arrange for you to speak to our CIO or General Manager of ICT.

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