The Next Generation Of Digital Printer Arrives At Blue Star Direct

The Next Generation Of Digital Printer Arrives At Blue Star Direct

hero-640x440 At the Blue Star DIRECT Sydney site, we’re proud to announce the addition of a Fuji Xerox® iGen® 5 Press to our suite of market leading digital colour printers. The machine is the first of its kind up and running in Australia.

Brent McCulloch, Blue Star DIRECT Chief Operating Officer says: “The iGen® 5 is an innovative piece of technology. Our client’s will benefit from the high level of personalisation that digital print provides, without compromising on the quality that was once the sole domain of offset printers.  With the iGen® 5 we’re able to leverage the latest full colour digital print technology with Blue Star Direct’s smarts in data composition and management to our client’s full advantage. Print, and more specifically Direct Mail, is one channel in the fully integrated and intuitive customer journeys that Blue Star Direct delivers which also comprise personalised video, mobile and email channels. Our ability to provide DM that integrates with digital channels is a very powerful offering for our customers.”

Where the Fuji Xerox® iGen® 5 Press really delivers is in its colour matching capabilities. The addition of a 5th colour greatly increases the colour gamut available from a digital device. The iGen® 5 ensures that Blue Star Direct can accurately match client specific or special colour. This exceptional capability to match colour means that Blue Star DIRECT’s clients can rest assured that their brand will be accurately represented.

We recently commenced work with Optus, Bauer Media and Luxottica and continue to work with brands including AMP and NAB to deliver multi-channel communications to their customer base.

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