Integrated Logistics

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Operating out of our 35,000 square meter fulfilment centre facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we provide our clients with a highly scaled and specialised logistics operation. An integral part of our broader solutions, our integrated logistics offering consists of two core offerings—inventory management and campaign management.

Our inventory management offering specialises in warehousing, pick and pack, nationwide freight management, and distribution. Our campaign management offering specialises in time-sensitive kitting and fulfilment for larger more complex campaigns.

To ensure ease and simplicity throughout both services, we provide our clients with access to our online inventory management platform. This platform enables clients to place orders, track activity, manage inventory and draw detailed reports when they need.

We also support our clients with an onsite call centre that they can reach at any time.
Whatever our clients need securely stored, packed, kitted or delivered, we provide them with a truly seamless experience, from start to finish.

Kitting and Fulfilment

Kitting and fulfilment make up an integral part of our group offering. For large scale, complex and time-sensitive campaigns, we offer our clients kitting and fulfilment services from our locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Inventory Management

Inventory management makes up an important component of our Integrated Logistics offering. For ease and simplicity of service, we provide our clients with access to an online inventory management platform where they can monitor, maintain and order inventory. In most cases, our systems interface directly into our clients’ enterprise resource planning systems to provide a seamless experience for our clients.

Our clients can use our customised online portal for the purposes of:
• Placing orders
• Tracking activity
• Managing inventory
• Producing a detailed report on inventory and all activities

To ensure our clients are fully supported we also have a call centre located onsite in our Sydney and Melbourne warehouses, which can be reached at any time.

Warehouse Services

Our significant warehousing facilities located across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are often used as part of a complete integrated logistics solution for our clients.


When our clients need to be fulfilled, our teams based in our warehouse and distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane come to life. We pick-and-pack our clients products and coordinate the delivery of these items across Australia, under the tightest of deadlines.

Freight Service

To ensure our clients receive a truly seamless experience from start to finish, we offer freight management services from our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Once we have securely stored, packed and kitted our clients items, we also manage the delivery process to ensure there’s one consistent point of contact and accountability throughout the process.

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