Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

Blue Star DIRECT has a robust Business Continuity Plan to ensure we’re prepared in the event of any critical incidents. Good to know;

  • 3 Primary Sites that are able to support each other – machinery, systems and staff
  • Primary and secondary off site Data Centres that are Highly Available
  • Seamless Failover to the alternative Data Centre
  • Tested Annually with a full Disaster Recovery Plan
  • The maximum Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for Blue Star DIRECT is 24 hours.

Blue Star DIRECT are adequately prepared to continue business-critical functions in the event of a business interruption and uphold its contractual agreements with third parties, including customers.  We have a dedicated disaster recovery site which is geographically separated from its main office and main data centre. The business continuity and disaster recovery plans are regularly reviewed and updated for business changes. Blue Star DIRECT utilises a tiered approach to Business Continuity Management. The approach is based around the following core values:

  • Establish a robust environment in existing locations
  • Remediate incidents in place wherever practicable, in a timely manner
  • Implement the Business Continuity Plan if an incident is severe and cannot be remediated in place, in a timely manner

The above approach recognises the benefits associated with establishing a sustainable environment and the significant costs associated with relocating business operations to an alternative site and then returning operations to the primary site at a later point in time.

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