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holding-phoneBlue Star Direct are proud to announce our recent partnership with Eagle Eye, a world leader in mobile marketing technology. Eagle Eye are market innovators in mobile voucher issue and redemption technology. Based out of the UK, Eagle Eye carry an impressive client list of leading retailers including Tesco, Pizza Express, PayPal, Virgin Active and T-Mobile.

The Eagle Eye technology enables retailers to position mobile marketing at the heart of their marketing mix, rather than as an add-on or a ‘nice to have’. Their mission is to revolutionise the way retailers engage with their customers across digital vouchers, loyalty programs and payments. The secure, digital issuance and redemption management platform allows retailers to remove fraud risk and cut costs. The platform operates through existing point of sale infrastructures, such as EFTPOS terminals, eliminating any requirement for the client to invest in hardware.

Blue Star Direct are able to innovatively combine the Eagle Eye technology with direct mail, email and personalised landing pages, according to a client’s specific needs. Used intelligently, these channels allow a customer’s information to be quickly and effectively captured and provide insights, including purchase behaviour. These insights can then drive the strategy behind ongoing activity such as tailored customer offers.

Blue Star Direct Managing Director John Stewart says, “through our partnership with Eagle Eye, we’re able to offer our clients new and innovative options in mobile voucher issue and redemption. It is another piece of the jigsaw that enables end to end messaging for our clients, across any platform, to any device.”

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