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Before you start any marketing campaign you should always firstly plan out how to best utilise these services, especially if you’re an e-commerce brand. That’s because if your process fails, you not only lose a sale but you lose customers too.

Determine what you want your customers to do – go online, fill in a form, provide credit card details, or call a number for example – then work backwards from there to design your marketing messages

If your customers feel you’re not delivering on your promises – you’ll lose them. We can help.

IVE delivers world-class technology for best practice services that deliver premium efficiency. We manage all your needs in this regard, from online order processing and inbound telephone services, to the picking, packing and posting of orders. You get full reporting of inventory and orders processed. Your ‘welcome pack’ can be customised using high-speed variable data digital colour printers or specialist handlines for 3D and bulkier versions.

Your business can benefit from our extensive marketing experience – we’ll help you do things like leverage your order process to create offers and raise your average transaction value. Discover why leading Australian brands trust IVE to manage the entire process of their marketing campaigns.

Why do you need ecommerce fulfilment services?

Businesses across Australia are recognising the many unsurpassed benefits of solutions like this. Ultimately, this part of your operations delivers your products to your end customers. Including a number of aspects – such as getting the product from warehouse shelves to those who purchase them – this element is a crucial part of your logistics.

At IVE, we provide highly optimised ecommerce fulfilment services for companies across Australia. As experts in the trade, we’ll optimise your processes, ensure your products get to where they need to be, and provide all the reporting you need to keep things on track.

What’s involved in ecommerce fulfilment services?

Generally, the best providers in this space will allow your online business to flourish as a digital retailer. Think of this aspect as an ‘extension’ to your business. By outsourcing this part of your logistics, you’re able to effectively keep your operations agile. This is done through:

  1. Integrating your store with fulfilment centres
  2. Managing and receiving inventory through your internal/payment system
  3. Ensuring orders are completed
  4. Processing returns
  5. Providing reporting and data.

If you’re not sure how this solution can better your business’s workflow, we recommend getting in touch with our now. Providing highly recognised digital consultancy services and extended support, we can help you revolutionise the way you do business.

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Working with Blue Star DIRECT, I feel confident that the sensitive data we deal with is in safe hands. The team are proactive and consultative, readily available and regularly go ‘above and beyond’. They take an active interest in our Direct Marketing outcomes and work hard to ensure our continued growth while implementing cost-savings.

Australian Children's Charity - Fundraising Lead Corporate & Community

I would just like to pass on our gratitude to Blue Star DIRECT VIC and NSW for the achievement of getting our carbon dm campaign out the door on time with minimal issues.

Major Australian Energy Company - Customer Fulfilment Manager

In consultation with Blue Star DIRECT, our newsletter was revolutionalised into a highly personalised, targeted eNewsletter with an equally personalised print alternative (to fulfil bounce backs and for customers who express a preference to receive a printed newsletter).

Major Australian Bank

We would recommend Blue Star DIRECT to businesses looking to work with a team of dedicated professionals who understand what your needs are and how to translate that understanding into the deliverables you desire. Blue Star DIRECT offer a consultative relationship over a vendor-customer based model and provide expertise in alternative solutions that you may not have thought of (you don’t know what you don’t know).

Major Australian Energy Company - Fulfilment Manager

During a high profile crisis response project involving a global brand, the logistical challenges of communicating with customers became apparent during a fast-paced, uncertain environment and legally sensitive corporate crisis. We engaged Blue Star DIRECT to assist in a rapid response campaign that involved printing, collating and sending high-quality communications and fragile packages to customers. Their professionalism in managing this difficult project was second-to-none.

Crisis Management organisation - Project Manager

We have worked with Blue Star DIRECT for many years across a wide range of mailings; from stylised campaign DMs to BAU communications. What really makes them stand out is the level of service they provide and their advanced knowledge of data. The people genuinely care about their clients and the quality of work, and they’re always responsive and highly professional. Our data is complex; requiring sophisticated programming and Blue Star DIRECT have been consistent in providing clear and accurate DM communications for our donors/customers.

Charity organisation

I have always found Blue Star DIRECT staff helpful and very efficient. Having several thousand files on site with Blue Star DIRECT means that in emergency situations it necessitates a request for file to be scanned urgently. They respond quickly and regularly exceed my expectations. Similarly whenever we query any scanned documents they are very responsive to investigate and provide us answers and or solutions. I can recommend their services and would be more than happy to talk to any prospective clients.

Australian Regional Council

The Examinations team had a very positive experience working with Blue Star DIRECT. The customer service provided and knowledge of printing was of a very high standard. I personally enjoyed working with the Blue Star DIRECT team. I would recommend Blue Star DIRECT to other universities if they were to approach you for examination printing.

Respected Australian University - National Manager TE&R, Student Administrative Services


With over three decades of experience behind us, our history of excellence makes IVE the obvious first choice for a mail marketing company. Across our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane locations, our 400 staff work tirelessly to bring you the results you’ll love. And we’ve been in the game for 34 years, so we know what businesses want, and what your customers will respond to.

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