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Technology is at the forefront of everything we do. Our technology makes complex marketing simpler for our clients, improving speed to market and reducing costs.


Attract over 800,000 online shoppers to your digital publication per month with Lasoo, the market leader in digital catalogue aggregation.

Lasoo interactive enables us to transform traditionally printed materials such as catalogues and brochures into interactive shoppable experiences where products can be purchased with a simple click to cart. We’re able to push these shoppable experiences out via email and social-media channels, in addition to hosting them on Lasoo and retailer websites. Detailed reporting tells us what shoppers are looking at, engaging with and buying, all in real time.

The Lasoo website provides shoppers with a single platform to search for specials and decide what to buy. More than 2 million digital catalogues are opened each month on Lasoo generating more than 21 million interactions. On average more than 70,000 buy now clicks are recorded per month through Lasoo. With the latest offers from Australia’s leading retailers, Lasoo empowers Australian shoppers with all the information they need to make better shopping decisions.

Digital Asset Management

Our DAM system streamlines content creation and stores approved images, creative and other documents (such as product disclosure statements) in one central location.

Additional features include version control, usage rights management and control access restrictions. This technology measurably reduces duplication, improves cost savings, and increases speed to market for our clients.

Procurement Management

Our procurement management platform simplifies interaction between our specialists, our clients and our accredited suppliers.

It improves control and speed when procuring and managing the production of marketing materials through our accredited supply chain.

It provides full transparency on the items that have been purchased and identifies cost saving opportunities without compromising quality.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management platform empowers our clients with complete visibility and control of their inventory. Users who are granted permission can view and manage their inventory in real time, place orders online, and track freight.

The platform also provides incredibly detailed reports on inventory holding and activity which can be downloaded or viewed online at any time.

Distribution Management

Our distribution management software is comprised of two platforms, swiftplan and ivehub. Swiftplan is our mapping tool which draws on a wealth of data to create targeted distribution campaigns that create more personalised experiences.

ivehub is our distribution management tool that uses GPS technology to provide complete transparency on deliveries. The ivehub app also uses delivery data to identify patterns in our network that’s used to enhance future distribution campaigns.

Local Area Marketing

Our web to print portal automates the creation of marketing materials. Users granted permission can tailor approved templates to create, order and ship their own marketing materials to where they need to be delivered.

Users can save their created marketing materials on the platform for future repeat orders. This user streamlined technology saves our clients time, cost, and helps to localise their marketing materials effectively.

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